Thursday, July 15, 2010

Vintage Childhood Take Two: Wolverine Tin

As I wrote in this post, I definitely love raising my two girls vintage (though I must admit the Bakelite viewfinder has since disappeared and the reels are scattered about the apartment, but I have absolute faith that it will resurface once I finally clean out their shelves and drawers....) I got jealous today when I discovered Wolverine tin toys from the 40s and 50s on etsy. If I lived in the U.S. Miss Mia and Baby Li would have their play area decked out in these pieces but, alas, I've never seen anything similar in Germany. The pieces are made of tin and most are a bit rusted, so I'd have to make sure the girls are up on their tetanus shots. Then again, what's a little lock jaw when you have such amazing toys to play with? ;)

Although there is a fair amount of Wolverine toys available on etsy, the ones below are my favorites.

I especially love this stove and refrigerator from the 1950s. The refrigerator has fake food printed on the inside of the door, people. Fake food. Available at Antique Grrl

A vintage Wolverine shooting gallery from the 40s? Forget the babies, I want this one for myself! Beat me too it, if you dare, by clicking here.

This one looks super familiar to me. Maybe my aunt had one as a child and I played with it at my grandma's house? Either way, it is most definitely bad ass. Available at Oopsee Daisies.

This one is pretty beat up, but it's also on sale for only 15 dollars at Estate Hound.

Happy vintage living everybody! :)

p.s. Does anyone know why blogger keeps on messing with my posts by making the letters larger and smaller? I also can't edit the difference out which is really beginning to annoy me. Blogger seems to have an evil mind of it's own. Grrr!


Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Those toys are SO cool! I was not familiar with Wolverine before.

When I started using Blogger about a year ago I had the MOST hellacious time formatting my posts and photos, and finally gave up and made everything as simple and straightforward as possible, doing all or most of my editing in the HTML mode, as my problems all occured when I was in Compose mode. I haven't tried to do anything fancy with Blogger since! :D (not sure if that's helpful at all, but you do have my sympathy)

petoskystone said...

i loved the viewfinder i had as a child. since it covered the eyes it was like one world fading away & the bright colors in the viewfinder coming to life :)
p.s.--maybe blogger is bored....

Schaufensterbabe said...

Thanks Karen. I'll also start trying to edit only in HTML mode. P.Stone, lol. Blogger is probably totally bored! Anything to keep it interesting. :)


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