Monday, August 2, 2010

A Tenth of an Augenblick

Sometimes there is a word in a certain language that gets straight to the point in a way that you would need a phrase or perhaps even a paragraph in another language to reach the same meaning. Take, for example, the German word Augenblick.
Literally translated, Augenblick means in the blink of an eye. While this phrase sounds poetic and almost biblical (or is it just me?) in English, the German word is much more earthy and prosaic. You can say Augenblick or Augenblick mal for Hold on a sec. But mostly the word is just used to describe a moment.
One thing I love more than just about anything is going on photography hunts throughout the city. I often have my camera with me, but it is only sometimes that I pull it out and wander, floating through space like some slow, invertebrate creature of the sea.
Until that certain Augenblick draws me in like a beam of light and "zack" (another German word...) I'm there and I'm alive. I'm capturing. It always comes so suddenly that there is no room for thought.
One of my favorite places to go on the hunt for images is a busy marketplace. You have only a tenth of an Augenblick to capture that image you somehow found interesting or beautiful, that somehow moved you. Everything is sped up and in constant motion. You have to be quick.
Like with these photographs I took at the Turkish Market on Maybachufer last Friday. So many photographs were ruined by a foot out of place or a moved hand, or someone pushing me too far to the right. So many lost images. But when you do like one of the photographs, you are more pleased than you would be had you had all the time in the world to arrange it.


petoskystone said...

ooo! nutella *drool* what is in the jars? such lovely fabrics....i shall try & remember 'augenblick mal'. it might come in handy.

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Love the photos! And the word. Augenblick.

Schaufensterbabe said...

Yes, nutella is great stuff, though Germans can never believe it tastes great with peanut butter. The stuff in the jars is 50 odd different types of licorice, more of a Scandanvian thing really, but there is a great shop here in Berlin and I love it. Augenblick is also definitely a very awesome word....


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