Monday, July 6, 2009

Cartoon Me

I'm not at all surprised that I am so infatuated with the sketch editing option at photoshop's online photo editing site. I've always wished I could draw. I'm a very visual person, or at least I like to think I am, but if I put pencil to paper, I can manage a stick figure at best. When I write my stories, I try to paint a scene with words. With photographs I try to capture the way I see and show what objects, people or scenes move or interest me. But words can only create abstract pictures and, to take a picture, you need a machine.

My brother-in-law is a painter. He specializes in portrait painting and, for years, worked only in acrylic. Around a year ago he started working in oil again. I love going to his studio space where the air is thick with th
e earthy smell of the paint, works in various states of completion hung up all over his walls: The sketch to the canvas to the paint. Just typing this makes me long for it. But alas, when God was passing out a painter's and a dancer's talent, I was given a broken crayon and two left feet.

But thanks to technology, I can now cartoon my pictures. Yipee! These two cartoon-y shots are both of my apartment. The chair is the pink chair of my last post; the ta
ble and chairs vintage sixties and on permanent loan from two fabulous friends; the purple lamp shade is the rockin'-est ever from a locally based Spanish designer whose line is called Lichtscheu. And yes, both the vase and flowers on the table are from Ikea. ;)

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