Thursday, July 23, 2009

Four Moments to the Left of Admiralbruecke

A couple of years ago I remember seeing a few people hang out on the Admiralbruecke on nice summer evenings to drink a beer, or maybe listen to a jazz band that had set up there. Now, every night, it is packed with people, probably until near dawn, unless the neighbors kick them off before the clock strikes midnight....

I waited there one evening for Jasp
er when we were first dating, when things were still shaky. Before Mia was conceived. Below are some self-portraits I took before he arrived. Crazy how different I looked then. So much younger somehow, though it was really only three years ago. A lot has happened since then. Births. A death. A marriage....

A few nights ago, after a great time with an old friend on an old street (Oranienstrasse), I wandered home across the bridge down the canal all by myself. Here are four of the things I liked the most.

1. People in Motion

°°°°Everyone going somewhere, no one in a hurry though some of them were fast°°

2. Evening Strolls in Slippers and Gowns

°°°Urban Krankenhaus, a frightening example of architectu
re gone wrong, is a large hospital right on the water. People hang out and peer over the canal with their i.v.s on wheels and in their robes and slippers. It took me a while before I realized the woman in this picture is one of them.

3. A Spanish Lover's Quarrel

°°°°°°A woman argued passionately in Spanish while people walked and rode on by. Spanish is a wonderfully sexy language even (or especially?) when spoken by someone angry.

4. Finding Beauty in a Baustelle

°°°In such a light everything looks beautiful, even a construction site that has stood there far too long....


dieklugehausfrau said...

That's funny – almost exactly 3 years ago I was standing on that bridge with my now husband as well when we were first dating (we actually met in Matilda, a café I expect you to feature in some future post entitled "four moments to the right of Admiralbrücke":)
We even had some of our wedding pictures taken on that bridge (yes, it was a little awkward to stand there all dressed up and with the whole entourage while people were staring at us, but the "we just got married, we don't care" feeling just gained the upper hand ). So now you know why people are flocking there every night – they are looking for their future spouses :)

Schaufensterbabe said...

How funny! We should really start up a Admiralbrücke match-making service. :)

dieklugehausfrau said...

Yay, wouldn't that be fun?! :)


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