Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Monstrous Little Packets of Fun

I suppose there are numerous ways people in their prime child-bearing years who don't have kids feel about children, but here are probably two of the most extreme on opposite sides of the spectrum:
a) people who think children are equivalent to pond scum; smelly, irritating and hard to get rid of; and b) people who think children are wondrous little packets of joy and, lord, how
they can't wait until they have one.

As a mother of two I can say that yes, kids are great but, while I wouldn't go quite as far as to equate them with pond scum, they can sometimes truly be teeny, tiny monsters.

On my recent visit, my sister put it rather aptly on a particularly bad baby day: "Just think. A couple of years ago you went for weeks without having anyone in your life scream, cry, whine or pound their fists on things." How did I ever do without?

Still, kids can be a joy and most of the time are lots of fun. You can a) collect rocks in your skirt on a whim b) talk poop A LOT (though this hopefully fades once you get past the diaper years....) c) read lots of wonderful stories out loud several times a day like Ferdinand, Goodnight Moon and Hooper Humperdinck, Not Him, using funny voices d) chase birds any time your heart should fancy, and e) burst into song and dance at the drop of a hat. If you were to often do any of these things without kids, people just might start questioning your sanity.

Mia and Lilly, thanks so much for being my monstrous little packets of fun. I love you both so much.


courtney said...

this is such a sweet lil post! thanks for your refreshing honesty - i find there's so many mamas out there who (understandably) practically saint their children ... it's good to see someone who's willing to speak the truth!

PS - and your pics are SO cute!

Schaufensterbabe said...

Thanks. Yeah, I think there is a lot of pressure/guilt that moms get and place on themselves to try to be and do everything perfect but hey, we're all only human! :)


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