Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Found Objects: A Rolling Stone That Has Gathered No Moss...

This stone (literally) came to me when I was around twenty years old. I was standing outside of my parent's house, waiting for a ride I think. My parents house was the first house on the left of a very steep hill. Being in earthquake country, everyone always told us this was a very good thing. I'm not sure exactly why (less seismic activity? more solid? old wive's tale?) but apparently you are safer if "the big one" comes and you happen to be on a large hill....

Anyway, I was standing out on the driveway when all of the sudden I heard a strange sound. I looked down and saw a baseball-sized granite stone rolling down the hill only to stop inches before where I stood. To this day I still don't know where it came from. As far as I could tell no one was in sight who might have rolled it to the long-haired hippie girl on a whim (although my hometown is not exactly suburbia in the worst sense of the word, it is definitely a bedroom community where people tend to stay in their houses. Except for a few exceptions, I could have never identified any of our neighbors by sight, though they may have lived nearby for more than twenty years.) I took it as a sign, picked up the rock and it's been with me ever since. At first it sat on my piano, then on the windowsills of various Berlin apartments to where it now sits, in the pot of a small, pitiful olive tree (we so DO NOT have a mediterranean climate here!!) that I keep in the kitchen. Little rolling granite stone, you've come a long way, babe!

Do you have found object, something you were given or picked up somewhere that has a special meaning to you regardless of how seemingly meaningless it might be? If you do, I want to tell your story, so drop me a line. :)

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