Saturday, November 21, 2009

No, I have not moved to Iowa....

So there have been rumors circling around out there that I finally threw in the towel, packed my bags and moved Jasper and the girls and my good self over to Des Moines. Although the experience I had here in Berlin on the bus today (in a nutshell, rude people who were not at all helpful, rude busdriver, the usual smell, ya da ya da ya da, aka same old same old in this wicked city!) did make Des Moines sound attractive, the rumors are, nevertheless completely unfounded.

What I've really been doing is expanding my etsy shop Schaufenster a lot, even adding new sections like The Dollhouse Gallery Series and jewelry (dismantling my second shop after all because one is truly enough)

I've also lined up a lot of vintage goodies with more to come (let's just say my new, or rather old but re-kindled obsession is bakelite, bakelite, bakelite....)

Oh what fun it is to list on a cold November day. ;)

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