Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mine Alone

One of the great things about expanding the vintage section of my shop Schaufenster has been all the great finds I've been making for myself. Case in point: The Arzberg Form 2000 pieces featured in the photographs above.

I collected Melitta for years which is robust, fun and wonderfully retro, but Arzberg is in a whole other category when it comes to quality and design. Based on Bauhaus principles, the pieces are lovely and finely made, yet are still suitably for every day use. I bought a vintage coffee pot with creamer and sugar bowl to sell in my shop, but soon after I got it home I just couldn't stop looking at it. A few days later I got a 21 piece set for a ridiculously low price on ebay (each one has a flaw, but that is the charm of owning vintage pieces and the "flaws" were so minor I had to hunt to find them on most of the pieces!) Someday I may offer some Arzberg in my shop, but for now I am just using it for props in my pictures because it is mine, all mine, and mine alone. Oh yeah, and Jasper's. Luckily he is a man who can appreciate the beauty that can be found in a coffee pot! ;)

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