Sunday, January 10, 2010

Clothes I Wish I Wasn't Too Fat For

Having two babies back to back has not exactly been easy on my figure. The good news is, I tend to gain weight proportionately. The bad news is, pretty much everything about me these days is round. There are some women (aka bitches and hos) who loose all the weight and then some from breast feeding, but unfortunately I am not one of them. Still, I have lost twenty pounds since Lilly was born and have started doing yoga regularly. Hopefully this will help do the trick because it is simply not possible for me to diet. Eat more in moderation yes, but I'd rather be pleasantly plump than give up butter and ice cream forever.

But let's look on the bright side: I am now a si
ze 14 which means I am just on the cusp of plus size. It's still possible to shop in normal shops, but there is simply a lot less in the way of great vintage clothes in my size (darn those petite women of the 40s, 50s and 60s!) If I were my normal size 10/12 I would be spending A LOT more money on the following items.

This 1950s wiggle dress is such a beautiful color and still classic enough to be easily worn in modern times. But the 28 inch waist is, for me, most certainly a problem. Available here at The Church of Vintage.

I'm a sucker for polka dots. This mini 1960s wool dress would look so cute over a pair of jeans. It is listed here as a size small/medium by Allen Company Inc.

Of all the decades of vintage fashion, I think the 40s are by far my favorite (and the 80s passionately hated, as anyone who reads this blog knows.) This suit is simple yet elegant but, at size extra small, something I will never ever be able to wear. Available here at Small Earth Vintage.

Words cannot even begin to describe how gorgeous this 1970s skirt is. Not only does it have a simple modern design, it is also made of a blend of virgin wool and silk and feels wonderful to the touch. Ironically, it is my "old" size, 10/12, but it will take at least a year of downward dog if not more before I am that size again. Somewhat reluctantly, I am offering it for sale here at my shop Schaufenster.

Last but not least is this lovely red number from the 1960s, wool which means wearable in winter (as well as alliteration....) With a 32 and a half inch waist, this dress is also about a size 12. Sigh. Available here at Capricious Traveler.

Happy vintage shopping everyone!

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