Thursday, March 25, 2010

Trigger Happy

So the first bit of good news is that I seem to have brought Spring back to Berlin from California. Just the weekend before I left Jasper told me it had snowed again (and yes, this made me very, very angry. Grr...Winter rage!) but ever since I've been back the weather has been beautiful. As always, this means zillions of people on the streets eating ice cream, packed playgrounds and smiles all around. Springtime beat the grump out of old Berlin.

The second bit of good news is that Jasper had me buy a new camera lens when I was in the Bay Area. Technical stuff is always cheaper in the U.S. (though that's about the only thing. I couldn't believe how expensive groceries have gotten. Two, maybe three times as expensive as in Berlin...) plus the exchange rate is in our favor so I got a nice portrait lens, the lowest aperture being 1,8. Yesterday I took a jaunt around Bergmannstrasse with Baby Li to try out the lens. I've been using a Macro lens for quite some time and it was quite a fun challenge to try and adapt to a new one. You really have to adjust your way of seeing not to mention change some of your settings...Anyway, I still haven't totally gotten the hang of it, but I did take a few shots I liked. Here they are:

Wochenende everybody. :)

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