Saturday, March 20, 2010

Back In Town Baby!

So after a three week, somewhat baby intense vacation I'm finally back in Berlin. Etsy is throwing a bash on April 1st which I'm excited about going to. Yeah! Etsy is in Berlin now and in my fabulous neighborhood of Kreuzberg none the less. In your face Mitte and P'berg! Us Kreuzbergers know our Kiez is the best....

Now that I am back, I hav
e lots o' new stuff to add to my shop once I get un-jetlagged enough to take the photographs. In the meantime I've been altering some of my photographs which I plan to print out nicely and use as a sort of photo/free gift card to give to my customers. They are all pretty different, but I'll probably choose which one to include by the kind of thing the person has ordered or just by what kind of mood I'm in. Here they are. Let me know if you have a favorite of the six. :)

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