Friday, May 28, 2010

Don't Explain

So things have been going great with that Brazilian guitarist I wrote about here maybe six weeks or so ago (and yes, he does look a little like Django Rheinhardt only younger and with glasses and all of his fingers. ;) ) The only bad news is that he will probably only be in Berlin until next April because his wife is here on a scholarship (she's writing her PhD. in Microbiology) and when it is done they will most likely go back to Brazil. Still, the best to do will be to enjoy it while it lasts.

So far we have worked on arrangements for Black Coffee, One Note Samba and Cry Me a River that we are both really happy with. Sway was added to the list today and I plan to sing part of it in Spanish too, oh my! When we have enough songs I'm sure we'll try to perform somewhere and, when we do, I want to get a dress like the one Nina Simone is wearing below. Damn! She looks incredibly hot!

Speaking of Nina Simone, Here she is singing one of the songs we are working on, Don't Explain. The lyrics aren't exactly p.c. (in fact, they are every feminist's worst nightmare...) but I find the song so heartbreaking, so tragic and yet beautifully vulnerable. Enough said. Listen and enjoy.


Henner SF said...

Wow, I like Nina Simone's interpretation much more than the original Billie Holiday version. Nina manages to bring the infinite sadness across very well.
Good luck and emotional expressiveness with your own interpretation.

Schaufensterbabe said...

Thanks. I also think she does it much better than Billie Holiday though for some reason I've never been a big Billie Holiday fan.


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