Monday, November 1, 2010

Further Proof That I Am Out Of My Mind

Ok, so maybe I'm being a little bit hard on myself. But you definitely could say that I am at least indecisive. Just a few short weeks ago I wrote a post about how I was consolidating my two etsy shops and how much it drove me crazy trying to run two shops, blah blah blah. But since I've been back I've opened not one but two new shops which means I now run three. Without further ado (and before you start questioning my sanity) I present them on this humble Schaufensterbabe post.

New Shop Number 1: Schaufensterbabe (Son of Schaufenster)

Yes folks, I have opened another German kitsch and vintage housewares, art, toys and books shop. Of course, I could have just re-opened the now defunct Schaufenster, but I would prefer to have one started in this tax year....

I don't have much listed there yet (opened it on Saturday morning) and most of what I do have listed is left overs from Schaufenster. But I noticed they didn't get much attention in Curious Knopf as I suppose people only really go there for the vintage clothing (jewelry also doesn't sell that well, though it gets a lot of heart, but no, I'm not opening a separate jewelry shop. Got to draw the line somewhere!) I already did some good flea market shopping on Sunday and will soon be listing, among other things, some German dice games from the 30s and some sweet original fairy tale illustration from the 1940s, so stay tuned.

New Shop Number 2: Augenblick Photo

Some photography does sell well on etsy, but it tends to be photographs that are heavily digitally enhanced, usually with pastel colors. 9 out of 10 seem to feature a ferris wheel (personally, if I see another photograph of a ferris wheel I think I might hurl. I found them pretty the first twenty times maybe, but now I just can't take it anymore...)

I think I've sold all of one photograph in the two and a half years I've been on etsy (and it was digitally enhanced, come to think of it...) but I like having a place where I can showcase my work, especially the new kick I'm on of taking photographs of art fragments (i.e. details of statues, paintings, etc.) It's a little like cheating since the work of art already exists, but you definitely learn a heck of a lot about framing.

Oh, what fun. ;)


petoskystone said...

as my coffee mug states: sanity is for underachievers.

Schaufensterbabe said...

Your coffee mug is very wise. :)


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