Sunday, November 7, 2010

Have I Ever Mentioned How Cool The Ethnologisches Museum is?

I already know the answer to the question I posed as the title of this post which is, yes I have. Still, I went to the Ethnologisches Museum on Friday and was once again blown away with how amazing it is. First of all, the building is a true architectural mid-century gem, with amazing light and amazing spaces. The museum is also in the b.f. middle of nowhere (ok, on the campus of the Freie University, but that's also in the b.f. middle of nowhere....) so it's less likely to be overly buzzing with tourists than any museum somewhere around Friedrichstrasse.

On Friday, in fact, I had the place nearly to myself, though I did just miss a large group of rowdy 13 year olds (the danger of going on a school day in the early afternoon). "Shit!" I thought when I saw them at the entrance, but luckily they were leaving, not coming. Otherwise it was just me, a handful of older scholarly looking people and an art class making large coal drawings in the South Seas room. There was also another photographer, probably around my age, silently taking different shots in different rooms.

Among many others, I took some photographs of these 19 century African masks. I'm going to post some of the photographs for sale in my new photography shop, Augenblick Photo, but none of these here cut the mustard. I'm having a professional print done of each photograph I'm interested in offering for sale, but also being extremely picky in which ones I choose. I actually totally love the photograph of the beaded mask, but when printed it's just too out of focus in not the right places. Glad it at least found a place on my blog. :)


Anonymous said...

That is a good one! If you haven't already been, I would highly suggest the Hygiene Museum in Dresden. That was an eye opener and a day chock full of fun.

petoskystone said...

the museums alone make a move to berlin worthwhile.

Schaufensterbabe said...

Yes, there really are some great museums here for sure. I'll have to check out the Hygiene Museum next time I'm in Dresden. :)


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