Thursday, June 11, 2009

Passion on Potsdamer Platz

No, this blog entry is not a dimestore romance about a young lass ravished on the steps of the fountain at Sony Center. Rather, it is about my new-found passion for photography. With the camera, you can never truly be objective. Yes, you can document. Yes, you can try and capture "a moment". But the very essence of the medium is subjective. This is your Wahrnehmung, your perception. I love this.

The camera is not always truthful. With the camera, you can easily lie, flatter, deceive, manipulate....

But it is also just a machine. In the photography class I'm taking we are learning how to handle our cameras; to really see, first hand, the difference between, for example, high key or a wide angle. On Tuesday we went to Potsdamer Platz at Dämmerung (sunset)to get a feel for the difference in light and how to set the white balance, etc. We took at least a hundred pictures on different settings to illustrate the differences. Though these were really only practice shots, I ended up liking a few of them. Strangely enough, almost all the ones I liked featured feet or someone walking. Maybe you can figure this one out for me...Here are a few of them.

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