Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Where Modern Cats Do Their Business

In my experience, most people tend to be either cat people or dog people. They rarely truly overlap. Although I do like dogs, and puppies most definitely melt my heart, they are a little bit too in-your-face needy and masochistic for my taste. Cats, on the other hand, never come when called. They are loving but only when they feel like it which fits way better with my personality. Still, other than the fact that my husband is not an animal person (I'm sure a little sure-fired manipulation could work wonders on this problem ;) ) I don't really want a cat right now for two reasons: Reason A- Cats in apartments tend to be very, very neurotic. Reason B- Litter boxes and the stink and messiness that comes with them. But then I stumbled upon this.

ModKat, the litter box for the design-loving feline. Besides its Ipod-like sleekness, the design is also incredibly practical; the cat enters from the top. Why hasn't anyone of that before? I remember cat sitting for friends with apartment kitties and the stray litter and occasional stray turd were truly irritating. If, however, the cat enters from above this problem is completely taken care of.

The other great aspect is the reusable liner fo
r easy, environmentally friendly cleaning.

Retailing at $180, ModKat is an investment but hey, isn't your precious little fur ball worth it? If they someday develop an anti-neurotic drug(and maybe a cat-sized beret), I just might be saying "Honey, we're getting a cat and a ModKat to go along with it!"


Mytutorlist.com said...

I like the removable liner idea. That's fantastic.

Top entry is a must!

My friend just uses a big rubbermaid box... seems to do the job. Big, top entry, easy to clean... makes sense to me.

What do other ppl use?

Schaufensterbabe said...

Maybe it's just in Germany, but everyone I know here who has a cat uses the front entry, messy, non-liner version. Seems like a big stinky mistake to me!

Jenn said...

Very cool! I am a cat person, but I just hate litter boxes altogether. This might help!

Little Dickens Designs said...

The thing about cats is they would somehow know you dropped $180 on a litterbox for them and refuse to use it. Then they'd go pee in your laundry basket.

Schaufensterbabe said...

Lol. You are so right!

*lynne* said...

I'd only ever known of front-entry litter boxes, but my hubby swore that top-entry existed, and hunted high and low for one before moving to Chicago -- and found one! And I agree, it helps immensely in ensuring that the litter particles stay where they should instead of the cat tracking them around the apartment.

We don't use a liner, though - no use, the cat would probably pee behind it :p


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