Monday, June 22, 2009

Rock On, Rockabilly Mom!

Until the fall of 2010 I will be getting "parent" money monthly from the German government. Because we don't want to pay taxes on the money (you can still work part-time if you want, but then your income and the "parent" money are both taxed)I will not be working until 2011. Except for some occasional under the table editing work and my various hobbies, some more serious than others, I am basically a housewife. So far I seem to be a natural born mother (I am not a patient person, but with my darling daughters I truly have nerves of steel)but, as a housewife, I am a failure: Dust makes me angry. Even the thought of ironing makes me go bonkers. When I cook, if I cook, I never want it to take any longer than 15 minutes. Luckily I have a cleaning lady who does the "deep" cleaning every two weeks and a very understanding husband.

Recently I've thought, why not embrace your housewifeness? I've found out that comparison shopping is (almost) fun and am toying with the idea of getting into cooking. One things that will be sure to help is a rocking, retro-inspired handmade aprons. I'm leaning towards one from Boojiboo, but in making the following list, I also fell in love with several of the others. There are also lots of great retro doodads and artwork that appeals to my inner (albeit very hidden) housewife. Why not go all out and get several aprons that so bring out my rockabilly leanings? If I never get any good at cooking and cleaning, at least I can work on my skills in shopping!


Moon Spirit Jewelry said...

great post! love the aprons! hope it all works out :)

Schaufensterbabe said...



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