Monday, August 17, 2009

A Few Things That Have Recently Made Me Happy

I'm feeling a little bit blue tonight and no, it's not because I, for some reason, decided to wear this scarf on my head today:

Let's just say it's a long story I would rather not get into, but that I just discovered something I cared about is now broken. To cheer myself up, I've decided to write a post with some pictures of a few things that have recently made me happy.

1. Baby Li's Queen Mum Wave

Yes, it's true: I somehow gave birth to one of the worl
d's friendliest babies. On Saturday I dressed the little Sonnenstrahl in a sailor dress and set her in the sand at a playground around the corner. I love her little wave, her "paw" marks in the sand, the vintage-looking motorcycle toy she is sitting beside. Gut gemacht, I must say!

2. The Hung Horse

On Sunday we walked by an urban farm about twenty minutes by foot from our apartment. We stood by the fence to take a look at the animals when I noticed that one of the horses was, well, well-endowed....I mentioned this to my husband.

"Yeah maybe," he said. "But it looks pretty limp."

"Jasper, somehow I think eating grass probably isn't all that arousing," was my answer.

3. The Playground on Chamissoplatz

Thank you so much for being a restful, lovely place and, unlike all other playgrounds I know, not the kind of place that makes me want to run out screaming for my life after a mere twenty minutes.

4. Light and Shadow

Because they can be beautiful.

5. This Bird's Nest

I found it in the parking lot of an abandoned factory. I don't know when it fell out of the tree, but it looks well-used and not like any birds were hurt in the process. Tucked in with the grasses and twigs were a strand of what looked like dental floss and the chain from an old necklace. What is the story here I wondered? Where had this long gone bird gone hunting?

6. Mia Bird's Spontaneous Baby Elephant Dance

We saw a baby elephant at the zoo today (yes, we have been going there a lot these days...) He made Mia so happy that she spontaneously started dancing a baby elephant dance, completely with a twisting trunk move. Adorable!

Well, what do you know? I actually do feel better....

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