Friday, February 19, 2010

Confessions of a Closet Kitsch Lover

My husband and I are both big fans of Danish Modern design. We got lucky with a teak sideboard on ebay and have a lot of vintage mid-century wooden home decor. I love how simple yet elegant the pieces are, both beautifully and deliberately designed and yet they still have a lot of warmth. It's also so easy to add other pieces and bright colors to funk them up. If the everyday me were to choose some new home furnishings I would definitely go with all of the above from Fabulous Mess.

But, let's face it, I'm also a total closet kitsch lover. Although maybe I'm being slightly unfair, I blame this love largely on Pick 'n Save, the dollar store before there were even dollar stores. We used to go there when I was growing
up in Tucson and I was always amazed with all the great things I could buy with my five dollar allowance: elegant lady figurines with rhinestones in their hair, fluffy Persian kitty cat (four of my most favorite words from the age of at least four to twelve...) folders and trapper keepers. and many other tacky bits of loveliness. Then again, maybe I can blame the whole thing on the Grand Canyon. I spent at least twelve family vacations there and how many desert scenes depicted inside of a shot glass or real scorpion paper weights did I buy at one of the hundreds of gift shops we visited? As much as I could talk my grandparents into, with some petrified wood and cactus candy thrown in for good measure.

Thank god I have Schaufenster to let out my inner kitsch loving demon. If I didn't there's no telling what kind of havoc she might wreak on my life.

For anyone out there who is less of a closeted kitsch lover, here are some great pieces I found recently for sale on etsy. And yes, I would be prou
d to plop each one of them down on my new vintage Eames table. ;)

Alligator ashtray from Flabby Rabbit, Horse Sculpture from Skyparlor, Chicken from Fish Bone Deco, Bambi Salt and Pepper Shakers from Ethan Ollie.


Angela said...

I am the same way!! Love mid century modern but have to have a little fun kitsch!

I am perplexed how I love modern and shabby chic all at the same time. I learned a long time ago that my style is just eclectic :)

Schaufensterbabe said...

When you come to think of it, an eclectic style is just more fun. :)


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