Monday, April 5, 2010

Feiertag Blues

So Easter, like Christmas, is a heck of a lot longer in terms of official holiday days (in German, Feiertage) than it is in the U.S. You don't have to show up for the office on Good Friday and there is not only an Easter Sunday but an Easter Monday as well (I suppose this is the day Jesus ate some Kaffee und Kuchen before ascending back up to our heavenly father...) If I had a full time job I didn't particularly like I would probably love these marathon stretches of Feiertage. But I don't and, inevitably both Jasper and I come down with a case of the Feiertag blues.

Why? Because everything is freaking closed! Ok, cafes and restaurants are mostly still open (thank god...) but if, say you run out of milk or are suddenly itching to buy some shoes you are screwed. Or if you need new diapers, like we do. I've always been good about having enough around for two diaper-wearing bottoms but wouldn't you know the one time I would forget would be when all stores are closed for days on end....

I suppose t
he whole thought behind everything is that this is a great time to spend outdoors, going on walks and then coming home for an nice afternoon spot of Kaffee und Kuchen. But I don't know, I find it kind of spooky....I mean, one of the main reasons I live in a big city is because I can do anything and go anywhere at anytime. Never mind that I spend a lot of my time at home, say, sitting in front of my computer and writing in my blog. What matters is, if I wanted to, I could take off at any second and do any number of things. But not on any of these darn Feiertage....

Thank god Easter Mond
ay is almost over. Hey Germany, guess what? I don't want to go for another walk, I don't want no freaking Kaffee und Kuchen. I just want to go out and shop like a good American. ;)

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