Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Miss Mia Turns 3

So Miss Mia turned three today. This morning she got two books and her Bakelite viewfinder complete with reels of Jesus Turns the Water into Wine, Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves and Max und Moritz (an old German children's story about two very naughty boys.) She loved it, needless to say. Then it was time to go to the Kita (pre-school) where she brought the cupcakes we baked together yesterday (as a present they gave her the plastic earrings she's wearing in the pictures which made me happy because it is obvious they know her very well...) When she got home she got a pink bicycle and a make-up set with pink blush, pink lipstick and a pink hairbrush. At sometime during the day she told me, "Mama, my favorite color is pink." I was nice enough not to say "Well, duh!"

We then headed off to the zoo which, by the way, I never recommend visiting on a lovely spring day during Easter holidays that is, unless you like massive crowds. But the babies had fun which is what mattered. Besides being her birthday, today was also a big day because Mia gave up her fwa fwa (her special word for binky). She is now a big girl which means the fwa fwa fairy came and took all of her pacifiers away because, in general, the fwa fwa fairy is very opposed to buck teeth. In its place she left the pink make-up kit, though obviously she didn't leave any instructions about moderation.....Happy birthday Miss Mia, Love mama, daddy and your kick-ass little sister Baby Li.

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