Friday, January 28, 2011

Sorry for the "V" word...

I’m sure to any Americans reading my blog the mention of Valentine’s Day by now is, well, nauseating. I always hated the holiday when I lived in the states way back when (jesus, it really HAS been way back when…) They don’t really celebrate it in Germany so I haven’t been bombarded with hearts and pink and reminders to make reservations, etc. which makes the hating far less strong. Actually, I think they do call it Valentin’s Tag or something but that was just some desperate marketing ploy from a card company or candy factory or something and marketing just doesn’t have the same clout with pragmatic Germans as it does in the U.S.

Still, I do love the rather timely romantic longing in the two photographs here. I took them of a much larger painting at the De Young Museum in San Francisco. The man in the woman are in the same room in the original painting, but I like that I photographed them separately like they are thinking about each other desperately, wondering all along if the other one is doing the same. I have the pair for sale right now in Augenblick Photo under the title Is He Thinking About Me As Much As I’m Thinking About Him? Also made a wood block set with the photographs that I will be posting soon. So far the wood blocks seem to be something people love to heart but never buy, but what the hay? They’re fun to make. Many more to come. :)


petoskystone said...

i, also, have little use for valentines' day. it's just a hallmark-holiday (similar to mothers' & fathers' day). an occasion highjacked by corporate interests to boost the bottom line. the wooden blocks are adorable, but when i see them my first thought is 'cat toy'. ;)

Schaufensterbabe said...

Hmm, maybe that's an untapped market. Arty cat toys for the discerning hipster feline. ;)


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