Wednesday, February 9, 2011

You Are Cordially Invited....

For those of you in Berlin, it would be great if you would come to our gig on February 20th at 4:30. We (Marcio and Rebeccah) will be performing at CafĂ© Lyrik which is at Kollwitzstrasse 97 in Prenzlauerberg. For those of you who are not in Berlin, why don’t you just hop on a plane? I’ll help set you up in a room with a view; affordable; centrally located. Promise. After all, this is our first and last gig. Marcio will be returning to Brazil at the end of March. We got a couple of other offers but only for the summer. Sigh...I’m definitely sad, but also revving to continue….

Please come. You are oh-so-cordially invited. You can even RSVP on Facebook here if you so desire. And if you are a guitar or piano player on the look-out to start a new duo or trio with a singer, such as myself, then you are very, very, very invited. ;)

Below are some of the songs we will be performing, sung obviously by other people. Happy listening!


la boom! said...

I wish I could come, Berlin is my favorite place!
I also love the vids you posted :)

Good Luck with your gig!!!

petoskystone said...

if i could afford to hop a plane to berlin, i would also be affording to never leave! ;) lovely song selection, btw.


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