Sunday, February 27, 2011

Berlin Graveyard Series

Anyone who has ever spent time reading this blog knows I have a thing for graveyards. Then again, it would be pretty hard not to have a thing for graveyards considering two of the most amazing ones in the world are less than a ten minute walk from my apartment. Art Deco crypts galore; rusted ornate wrought-iron fences; lichen-covered weathered angels; cemetery romantique to the core.

Not surprising, really, that I’ve started making “graveyard-inspired” jewelry. To make it I form polymer clay (my new obsession as you can read here) into a handmade mold, then press this against a one graveyard engraving or another.

I add a little gold or bronze pulver, bake the pendant then sand it down for a distressed look and voila, the Berlin Graveyard Series of jewelry has been born.

These are my first three pieces which I will be listing over the next week in Curious Knopf. Many more pieces are to come, especially now that spring is really just around the corner, so stay tuned. :)


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