Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cute Dog Alert

Today I was walking out of my favorite graveyard in Bergmannstrasse where I was taking photographs for my Berlin Cemetery Series jewelry when I saw this little guy hanging out in the window of Klassikerfundus.

I’ve walked by Klassikerfundus many a time, but only through looking for the link to add to this post did I realize they rent design classics out to movie sets. The little pooch looked so cool and collected among all these mid-century masterpieces. He seemed a touch perturbed when I pulled out the camera, but not so much that he barked or ran away. In the photograph below he did become interested in an old lady’s Pekinese who was walking by, but again was oh-so nonchalant about his interest.

When I ask Miss Mia if she would rather have a dog or a cat she always answers “Mama, I want a dog AND a cat.” She and Little Li really seem to have inherited my love of animals. But Jasper isn’t really an animal person and I can’t stand litter boxes which rules out a cat. A dog in an apartment is also not ideal for several reasons; constant walks, scratched floors, and, well, the smell. Yes, I happen to know for a fact that dogs do kind of stink. It’s that yeasty, stale popcorn, dirty socks boy-like smell and you have to love them loads to put up with it. I have been told that some dogs don’t have this smell, but it’s usually those over-bred toy breeds. Sorry folks, but I find any dog that could easily be beat up by a (small) cat kind of embarrassing….Poor Miss Mia. To get that dog AND cat she really might just have to wait til college.


Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

I love my small-ish dog and her dog smell, but I am kind of a freak. I love shop dogs, and have always liked the idea of us owning a little vintage shop where we hung out all day with Lucy...but it would never work. She's way too territorial and would bark her head off at everyone who came in the shop. Probably not good for business.

petoskystone said...

handsome dog. poor child...no cats or dogs. i do understand the reasonings, though (having 6 cats & 2 dogs in this current household). but, it's far worse to have an animal when you don't really want to deal with the upkeep, in my opinion. perhaps, as she gets older, volunteering at a local animal shelter will satisfy her 'animal desires'! (there is always donating $ to animal charities, as well. current favorite is a japanese organization helping disaster-struck pets)

Schaufensterbabe said...

I also grew up in a 6 to 8 cat household with two dogs plus various rats, rabbits, snakes, you name it, so I know what she's missing out on. Then again we always had a house with a big back yard. Right now I think the apartment lifestyle would be to much of a hindrance...We do have two parakeets though. Good idea about the animal shelter someday. They actually don't put them to sleep here, just take care of them forever if no one wants them.

Karen, a shop dog (or cat) is always so cool. The constant barking really might hurt business though. :) p.s. From the pictures I've seen, Lucy is the perfect dog size. Not a big dog, but also not one of those tiny things.


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