Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pretty Punk Princess

Jasper went from having a nasty case of the stomach flu to a cold that just won’t go away. Right now he’s in bed watching Casino with an onion tied to his head which has the unmistakable smell of old, fat man b.o. The onion thing is a typical home remedy against ear infection, at least in Germany. Do we do that in the U.S. too? I’ve lived abroad so long sometimes I don’t even know anymore.

He stayed home from work so when I got home with the babes I left them with him for twenty minutes or so I could go take some product photographs in my studio, a.k.a. the stairwell of our apartment building which has amazing natural light. Sometimes I get annoyed when the neighbors have the gall to, I don’t know, come home and walk by too often. I mean, can’t they see I’m working? Jeez…

Anyway, at some point when I was photographing some new necklaces I want to post soon I heard a lot of screaming and crying soon followed by kicking and hair pulling I’m sure. To give Jasper a break I asked Mia if she wanted to come to my “studio” and have her picture taken. Of course, she was wearing her princess dress.

She would wear that dress 24/7 if I let her and yes, I’ve washed it plenty but it’s pretty much permanently stained. It’s her Snow White dress (at least in her mind because Snow White wasn’t so into pink puffballs as far as I can remember) though not the Disney Snow White because I’ve realized recently that I don’t really Disney, though of course as a kid I did. The Snow White Miss Mia knows is the regular old grim Grimm’s version complete with the “bring me her liver” line.

The funny thing is she has no idea how punk she actually looks. Granted, the punk look also comes from the 99 cent lipstick she likes to constantly "refresh", though I’ve told her repeatedly there is a very fine line between princess and clown. I especially love the second photograph in this post. She looks like a fluffy pepto-bismol-clad Patty Smith.

Little Li joined us at some point, though she was dressed in normal clothing as she calls herself the monkey princess meaning she would rather climb and jump and make various squeals than deck herself out in feathers and sequins. I loved taking the pictures though. It something we’ll have to do again.


petoskystone said...

how did you get your monkey princess to sit still? miss mia looks much prettier than patty smith ever has. even if they did,no one i know of would admit to tying an onion to the head. much more likely is downing quantities of orange juice, chicken soup, &/or anything liberally dosed with garlic. i'm a big fan of sleeping off illness, myself. although, with an audience of toddlers, that's pretty much a laughable idea. hope he feels better soonest.

Schaufensterbabe said...

Hmm, somehow when you wrote tie an onion to your head it's pretty clear no one in the States would do that. Sleeping off illness with two toddlers is most definitely, and sadly, laughable. He is feeling better though, thanks to those handy onions. ;)


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