Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My daughter thinks her daddy is a suave black man....

So obviously I find my husband sexy, sweet and attractive but I realize different people have different tastes and not everyone will see things exactly the same way I do. Still, personal tastes aside, I think everyone will agree that my husband is, well, white.

I found it interesting to discover the other day that my daughter can't yet tell the difference. How I know is she was going through our c.d. collection (something she is forbidden to do, so of course, she does it every chance she can get!) when she pulled our a copy of Bobby Womack's Greatest Hits. For anyone who doesn't know what Bobby Womack looks like, here are a few pictures.

She handed me the c.d. cover, pointed at Bobby and said repeatedly, "Daddy, daddy. daddy!" In the picture he looked even more suave and studly than in the pictures above, all decked out un a felt fedora and super tight 70s jeans. "Ok," I thought. "They both wear glasses, they both had a wide, toothy smile (his Hollywood smile, my husband's brother calls it.) Astrologically they are both really watery (my husband and I met in an astrology class, the "real" thing, not the trashy newspaper style...) I guess I can see how she could mix the two of them up.

But then yesterday, whilst raiding our c.d. cabinet yet again, she pulled this one out:

"Daddy, daddy, daddy!" She said as she handed it to me. Which proves she is truly comvinced her daddy is a suave and very fine black man. As for my husband, he is simply flattered. He knows how to take a compliment! :)


BuenoStyle said...

What a hilarious post - made me laugh out loud!

Schaufenster said...

Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it!


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