Saturday, February 14, 2009

Who am I?

Whether you've come to this blog on purpose or stumbled onto it by accident the question still remains: Who am I?
I am the girl with the camera taking self-portraits. The insomniac who lives to dream. The woman who believes in the power of the heart.

At twenty-five I moved from California where "winter" means a few weeks of rain in January and a scarf is a fashion accessory

to Berlin where spring and summer are optional and fall and winter inevitable.

I've been married twice. Once for all the wrong reasons, once for all the right. The second time was in the San Francisco Court House under a giant Christmas tree covered in origami. My father could be there which made it extra special. He died of bone cancer four months later.

My husband
may be German, but he knows the good in an old fashioned American hamburger.

What do I believe? I believe you are as
much where you came from as where you
are now.

I believe in love and in the family.

I believe in the creative life.


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