Monday, February 9, 2009

New Artwork

I really love propaganda art. I know it was created for the purpose to manipulate or instill fear, but often it is really just great illustration. About a year ago our neighbors upstairs moved out of their apartment. Their son was born just a few months after our oldest daughter (who is now nearly two)and they decided as many do, that they would rather move somewhere where they could have a garden. Is it just me, or is this often a mistake? I mean, if they really wanted a quiet place with a garden wouldn't they (and all the others who did the same)already have one without a child? Having children is already stressful enough without trying to force yourself into a lifestyle you're not really interested in....

Anyway, when they moved they left a box of books in the stairwell. One of them was this big, coffee table book about propaganda art from World War II. Great stuff from both the allies and enemies. I used an image from it for the following collage.

Keep mum, she's not so dumb! Careless Talk Costs Lives. In other words, no battle plan talk in front of your German mistress!

Another thing I love are vintage photographs. In an earlier post, I presented some pictures of an old black and white photograph I had stitched with colored thread. Yesterday I completed a collage using the photograph.
I added a tongue
and cheek poem playing off of the nursery rhyme, Mary had a little lamb.

Mary longed to join the circus and wear a dress as
white as snow.

And everywhere that Mary went
the boys were sure to go.

The collage is two sided, with a lovely polynesian beauty pictured in a gilded frame on the back


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