Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Berlin Fashion Police Street Report Number 2

1. Frieda Kahlo in the House

Baby Li was taking her usually morning nap after I dropped Mia off at pre-school so I went for a walk in the lovely spring sunshine. I had my camera with me and, just as it occurred to me that it might be fun to do anoth
er Berlin Fashion Police report, this woman walked in front of me. Who says the police can never play nice? This woman looks fabulous! I somehow happened to always capture the shawl when it was draping from her shoulders, but most of the time it hung most elegantly. On me I think such a shawl would end up looking like a table cloth but on her it is so flattering but also a bit of risk which is so important in great style. The green threaded hoop earrings add to the Frieda Kahlo-ish theme and bring in a dash of color that really makes the whole ensemble sing. She is wearing those jeans everyone has these days with the long pocket over the butt. My husband hates those jeans. Unless you have a J. Lo Po (Po is butt in German)he finds they look unflattering on everyone. Personally, I think they are ok. As for the dog, I suppose he is more than a fashion accessory, but he does looks great with the outfit.

I had to be a little bit sly at the end with this one, shooting building and cars in between like some picture happy tourist, because
the woman was on to me. Then again, if she had said anything I could have told her I was just taking the pictures so I could compliment her style on my blog and I'm sure all would have been forgiven. Flattery will get you everywhere.

Sentence: Citizen's Award for 4-Star Style!

2. Dump the Frump

This one hits a little bit too close to home for me. As a mother of two young children, I find it really important to not give in to laziness and stop caring about what you wear. Sure, it might be a while before I can deck myself out in those vintage 1940s stilettos I once found at a flea market but falling into mommy frumpiness is simply a depressing no go. I suppose that's why I snapped the photograph of the woman in the purple, my hand shaking a bit from fear.....

Now, I may be treading on dangerous ground because it could be that this woman just doesn't care (and, as I've said, I consider caring or not caring about style to be a person's own perogative)but my intuition tells me this is not the case. First of all, the buggy is a
bright color, speaking to someone who is Farbenfroh (loves color)and likes to be a little different. Also, the colors of her own outfit match nicely and are flattering on her. She just needs a little correction (something Germans usually LOVE) andto be pointed in the right direction. So here's what she needs to do to dump the frump:

-Get a better hair cut. The bob is cute, but her hair just lays there and doesn't do much for her. If she got it a little bit layered so that it would better frame her face the problem would be solved.

-Like I said, the colors are ok but the shapes definitely aren't. She could get away with a baggy shirt and cardigan is she were wearing a pair of jeans but putting them together with a baggy skirt equals frump. The best solution would be
to keep the color combination and skirt but choose a more fitted shirt and a short twin-set sweater instead of a long cardigan.

With these changes the woman could still keep her casual, natural fibers look but would automatically be more attractive and stylish.

Sentence: Misdemeanor. Charges lifted once hair is properly cut.

After all this tiring police work I headed off to Cafe Molinari where I had myself a nice French breakfast of a cappucino and croissant.

After a little while of hanging out in the sun someone finally woke up.


Ilena said...

LOL! I love it!!! You are too funny taking pics of unsuspecting people. I can imagine taking these shots on the sly. Keep them coming!

Schaufenster said...

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.


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