Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thank You, Spring

As a native Californian, spring never really meant that much to me. Winter was a few stormy weeks in January and then "spring" came in February meaning the weather was more or less back to being perfect. I know a lot of people who move there from places that actually have weather are always complaining about the lack of seasons. As for me, I'm glad there is no such thing as winter. Winter, and snow for that matter, should only exist in mountainous places where it is beautiful and picteresque and people can go crazy skiing, relaxing afterwards with a cup of hot cocoa in front of a roaring fire. Hot cocoa with those little marshmallows on top. Don't forget the marshmallows...

But I digress. Since I have lived in Berlin
I have come to truly appreciate spring. Those last few weeks of winter are so brutal. Everyone is fed up and at the point of cracking. If they have to put that freaking down jacket on one more time, they just might go over the edge. Then spring comes and plants are growing and birds are singing and flowers are blooming. Sounds like a cliche, but ain't it grand!

April is being good to us this year. There is a saying in German, April, April, der macht was er will: April, April it does as it pleases. Sometimes the month can be hellish- cold, wet, sleet and hail. But recently we've even had summer weather.

Spring, here's looking at you kid!

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