Monday, April 20, 2009

Odyssey through So36

If my neighborhood, Kreuzberg 61, is a late 30s graphic designer with an 18 month old daughter buying apples at the organic market, then Kreuzberg 36 is her younger punky brother making sculptures out of old tin cans.

Yes, the weather was great again, so once I dropped Mia off at pre-school I was itching to wander into different lands. All winter I spent either trapped indoors or by taking walks in the local graveyards (as seen in various posts in Jan. and Feb....) Today I walked over to Oranienstrasse, into Wrangel Kiez, finishing off the journey with a jaunt through the back end of Görlitzer Park.

Style wise, SO36 is heavy on the urban grit. It used to be the center for left wing radicals and house squatters (and thank god for that. If they hadn't been squatting, all of the old buildings would have been torn down, the 70s monstrosities pictured here taking their place.) You can still see a little of the lefty, hippie thing, but mainly it is hipsters with a punk edge and Turkish families. They say Kreuzberg is the third biggest Turkish city after Ankara and Istanbul.

The good news, if you get sick of all the grit and graffitti, nature is never that far away.

SO36: 2 good 2 be 4-gotten! ;)

1 comment:

Camille said...

Great shots, Kottbusser Tor still looks crap with all these flats around it ;-)

Nice to see SO 36 again. Kebab traueme an die mauerstad!

Guess I was one of those Hausbesetzer.


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