Thursday, April 16, 2009

Trends And Why I Hate Them

Why am I looking so annoyed in this picture? No, it's not because I need a haircut (though admittedly i do.) It is because of trends and why I hate them.

Let me back track a little. Yesterday, in the later afternoon, I went for a stroll along the Landwehrkanal in Berlin-Kreuzberg on the way to meet a friend. I did encounter a few fashion crimes along the way, like this girl who is obviously taking Peaches Geldorf too seriously or this slightly questionable large flower knit dress.

Still, the weather was gorgeous, hot and summer like, and I was simply in to good a mood to hand out any citations. That is until I started noticing them: The scarves.

These long cotton scarves are all the rage this year. Personally, I think they look ok but the problem is EVERYBODY is wearing them. Seriously, sometimes it seems like there is an urban hipster version of the Stepford Wives. You've got your skinny jeans with the long pockets, you've got your boxy cotton t-shirt, you've got your long cotton scarf and your oversized sunglasses (or, Lord help me, an 80s style pair with brightly colored frames.) Add a size eight girl and- Voila!- instant hipster. Yesterday reminded me just how truly absurd trends can be. I was wearing a short sleeved dress and sandals and was still hot. The idea of wearing a scarf in that kind of weather is ridiculous, even if it is only made of cotton. People, let's stop being Trendsklaven clones of one another and start getting original.

On a more positive note, check out this very stylish toddler I spied.

The hot pink shirt and green cords look great together, and are very springlike. The yellow flower shoes add a bit of funk. Ok, I admit it: she's my daughter. Miss Mia, the fledgling fashionista. Chic was literally one of her first words. And yes, I am very proud!


Tamar Hammer's Blog said...

I think you look cute at this Picture!
True - people got a strong tendency act like a big group of cows... what also can be called a "trend"...

Schaufenster said...

Thanks Tamar. You are so right! ;)


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