Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Insomnia reared it's ugly head...

Yes, once again insomnia reared it's ugly head last night. I was so tired at 10 but was afraid that I wouldn't be able to sleep again and that is exactly what happened...I took some B vitamins today in hope that they might help. If someone reads this and has never had insomnia, it is as close to torture as you can come. Lying in bed, so tired, want to sleep but can't, wide awake as soon as you open your eyes. No creative wanderings last night though. I was too dang tired to get up even though I couldn't sleep. And then Mia started being really demanding, wanting to be cuddled and sleep in the bed (future parents to be, if you let your child sleep in the bed with you, you might never, ever get them out!!) Theoretically she should be able to self soothe now, or at least be learning it, and if Jasper doesn't get more sleep soon he is going to flip his wig. For the first time ever we put her crib in the other room and let her cry it off. Poor neighbors! I couldn't hear her this morning and ended up sleeping til 10 (which means I got maybe 4 hours of sleep. Yipee!) She probably woke up at 9 or something, because when I came into the room she was pissed!! I'm telling you, I would pay top dollar for a guranteed 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep....
It's been dark all day, with slate gray skies barely letting in the light. God, I hate Winter. I have some ideas for some stuff I want to make with vintage photographs I collect, also maybe a mini book with photos or some of the Poetic Beauties stuff with my poems. I will then, of course, put them on Etsy. But I have the feeling again that I need to slow down there. Every day I get a rush of anticipation, a "did I make a sale?" feeling. I've been marketing and going to the forums but still not making any. I don't want to burn out because I think it's such a cool idea and it's so fun making stuff again. Probably, I just need to get out, go to a cafe and do some writing. But in this weather? Ick...Jesus, this blog post is another downer. If you don't know me then blame it on insomnia and Winter because I'm not usually like this. On a more positive note, don't you think this little card is cute? (From an Etsy seller I discovered today.) I'm considering buying it.
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