Sunday, January 27, 2008

What a grand old day....

Life is simply full of surprises. Yesterday I was down and despairing, but today everything seems wonderful. Well, not the weather...That's as gray and crappy as it always is in Berlin in Winter. But creatively things are simply looking up. I finished a story that I've been working on forever, Men with Knives. It will surely need some tuning up but it is more or less a finished product and will be about 15 pages long I think. I also have new ideas for my Etsy shop, Schaufenster. I would like to add collage pendants with some of my photographs and text and some of the things that I will be sewing in my sewing class. It's funny: I think in some ways writing is like work. Painful, seldom fun but something that has to be done. But when I achieve something I feel so restful and such an immense satisfaction....Designing, sewing and making jewelry is more like creative play and oh so enjoyable. Yet when it is all I do I feel a little bit off kilter, as though I've eaten too much candy. That is the challenge: To combine work with play in a way that is satisfying. And all of it is creative. Teaching will have to come back into play too, because my daughter will soon be one year old and the year of government pay will be at an end. But I won't have to do too much of it which is good because I am a little burned out. And I want to live the creative life, pouring myself into what I do. For better or for worse, it is what I am made of....
If you want to check out my Etsy shop it can be found here: CafePress (which will soon be changed dramatically) can still be found here: As for the writing, maybe I'll post bits of it here, though somehow I have the feeling I would prefer to keep it more private. I shared a lot of it (especially poems) on my blog on MySpace so read it there if you want to get a taste for it:

Ok, enough links for now. Soon I'll feel like a slut for too much self-promoting. But this is who I am. Take a look if you like. If you don't it's just as well.

Ta ta for now and may the force be with you.

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