Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pleased as punch...

So I had hardcore insomnia AGAIN last night. (Not pleased about that!) Up until 4 in the fricking morning even though I was dead tired....It's strange; insomnia is something that I often suffer from but it has changed the last few days. The reason I can't sleep is that these images keep on coming into my mind about things I can make for Etsy or in general. Creative I suppose, but for crying out loud! I can go to the hardware store in the afternoon the next day and get inspired. Didn't do any writing yesterday which I think is one of the reasons that I was so hyped up. I have a new theory: writing is my creative downer, making and designing stuff is my creative upper. If I only make stuff then I get kind of manic whereas if I only write I can get fed up and frustrated. Just got to keep the balance right.....Did some good free-writing today though. It's funny: I almost always write best in cafes I don't really like. I wanted to go to Hermannplatz today to get some sewing supplies and go to the aforementioned hardware store but I was just too dog tired to walk there and I tried to avoid the U-Bahn as it is a pain in the ass with the baby stroller. So I went to Locus, a cafe on Marheinkeplatz that I already know I don't like because it is boring and full of 68ers (old school Berlin hippies who can be a bit annoying sometimes). But I went there and it was great for writing; big windows to look out onto the square, not very loud, full enough (I can never write very good when there's nothing going on) but with people who were ok. Uptight though, at least a few of them. Since I've come back from my visit to California I marvel yet again how unrelaxed so many Berliners are. Sticks shoved waaayyy up their asses. A lot of young mothers are also really uptight. Like the one today who left her baby outside in the stroller as he was sleeping. She asked me to let her know if he woke up since I was right by the window. He slept for maybe twenty minutes while she read and drank her coffee. When he started to stir I told her and she leapt. She brought him in and immediately started scolding him "No Tilo, you're supposed to be sleeping!!" (He was only about four months old.) Even though he was totally calm and just looking around curiously she got all hectic, paid and left immediately. "Why not sit down with him in your lap or in the stroller and chill a little?" I thought. Mia sat on my lap there for two hours and played with her rattle while I wrote. Then again, I already know I'm lucky that she is that low-key. Several of my friends have babies who are waayyy more active. Ah, my lovely little lazy bones! :)
Now here comes the pleased as punch part: though the insomnia was torturous, I got two new things for Etsy out of it, both of them vintage items that I knew I wanted to add something to or alter for a long time, but could never think of any good ideas. The first one was an vintage ivory necklace that just didn't have enough pizazz. I kept on adding charms to it, etc., but nothing every worked. Then I combined a shell charm with a filigree one and low and behold: it worked! It has something kind of Virgin Mary about it which I like. The other piece was this cool belt printed with three wolf cubs. It was always missing something, but I had kind of given up on it. Then I started arranging some stuff on it and loved the 1930s buttons with the fabric. Funny, I had also given up on those buttons too. Thought I might even try to sell them on Etsy because I didn't think I would use them. Fun, fun, fun! That's what Etsy has been. But I'm trying to take it slow because I'm afraid I'll get disappointed if I never really sell anything again. I sold one necklace right away (beginners luck)and another one to a friend unexpectedly but since then nothing. When I first started doing CafePress I got really excited and into it. Learned all about Photoshop, added my own text and poems to vintage illustration, added effects to a lot of photographs. I did the whole marketing bit: MySpace, Craig's List, Squidoo, etc., etc. Still, I only got two sales from strangers and some more from family members. Very disappointing and discouraging, especially after I put so much work into it! I don't want that to happen with Etsy. I made a MySpace page yesterday and added those two new items. But I want to keep the focus on fun. Shucks, who am I kidding? Of COURSE I'll be disappointed if no one ever buys from me, but I'll try really hard to keep it into perspective and make sure I'm having fun. It is a creative outlet and expression, something that gives me joy, and although I would like the business side of it to also come somewhat into play (just make enough to pay for the hobby would be good enough to start with...)it's still not the most important point. Anyway, we'll see....For now I'll add a pic of those two new pieces I made things to the rages of insomnia!

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