Thursday, January 31, 2008

Soon to come at my Etsy shop!


Feeling fresh after an insomnia fresh night of sleep, I thought I would just post a photo cube of three items that I will soon be offering at my Etsy shop Schaufenster. Here it is (if you want a closer look at the pictures, just click on them!)

One night at three in the morning, as I was suffering from the ravages of insomnia I thought "You, I wonder if it would be possible to combine hot pink, King Kong and Brooklyn?" And I found out it is! I have to finish hand-sewing the cool pink lace with a yellow undertone onto the shirt (hot pink, American apparel)but when I do, this altered fashion will be looking for a new home. I am still seeking inspiration for what to do with the vintage hat in the photo. It has a cool 70s/40s look to it, but I need to decide how I want to alter it before I put it up for sale. The third item is a bright blue felt cuff I made, then attached a puffy pink heart. The one in the photo is one I wear myself, so I have to wait until I get around to making another one to put on Schaufenster. Actually, all three of the items would look really cool together. Stay tuned. Who knows? Maybe someday they might be yours. In the meantime, please be a lamb and stop by my shop. I would be ever so grateful!
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