Friday, May 22, 2009

Did you look under the second stair?

I love storage space. This is not because I am a neat person. No one in my family is neat. If we see a particularly messy room, we have been known to say it is "all Deaned out" after our family name. But, with lots of storage space, I can be a messy person pretending to be a neat person. I take a plethora of things- paper, old receipts, a ball point pen that has started to leak out the top, a pack of gum, the pit from a plum- and stuff them all into a drawer and, voila, instant neatness. My husband calls such drawers my chambers of secrets. Finding things when you need them is a different story. But once a Dean, always a Dean. What can I do?

Since I have chosen (and love) living in a big city,
there is little chance that I will ever own a house. If I ever did, I would definitely have this staircase installed. Each stair is a drawer of glorious storage space. Truly a dream for a pack rat like me!


nutmeg click said...

goodness, how i need those! i compulsively hoard every scrap of ephemera with foreign writing which i find on my travels.

you always find such stellar things!

Schaufensterbabe said...

Thanks! I have fun doing it.


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