Monday, May 18, 2009

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Won't you come on by?

I am admittedly a person of extremes. I love living in a big city with all its smells, bad moods and inconsideration. The idea that, at any hour of the day, I could do a million different things appeals to me. Never mind that I rarely ever do them. The key is, that I could....

Still, another part of me would really love to try living somewhere in the middle of no where. Maybe taking over a ghost town with a group of 10 to 20 artistically minded people, or who are at least laid back and open-minded. Here are my top three turn on, tune in and drop out places.

1. Kolmanskop, Namibia

Kolmanskop is a diamond mine ghost town in Namibia, formerly inhabited by good German schwabians. On the plus-side, there are already lots of lovely Victorian buildings for me and my fellow adventurers to take over. On the down-side, it would be a total pain to try and sweep away all that sand. Then again, maybe we wouldn't have to. We could hang hammocks or build sandcastle-style couches. Nothing could crush our pioneering spirits.

2. San Zhi, Taiwan

I am so in love with the futuristic style of this abandoned seaside resort in Taiwan. The place needs a bit of work, but it would be worth it. Who wouldn't want their own space age seaside condo painted in primary colors? The place is also apparently haunted which would be good for a laugh. Any ghost that would haunt such a place has to have a pretty good sense of humor.

3. Wupatki, Arizona

Ok, so Wupatki is obviously a fixer upper but, man, is it pretty. It was my favorite indian ruin when I was a kid (and when you grow up in Arizona, you see A LOT of indian ruins)and I always fantasized about living there. Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon are both less than an hour away and would both make great day trips. There's also the old ball court, where the natives once placed an ancient version of soccer. Unfortunately, the loosing team was always executed. We wouldn't have to go that far though. Maybe we could play for the last beer or the last hot shower. The possibilities are endless....

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Camille said...

Wow, that ball game in Wupatki sounds similar to what the Maya's in Central America used to play, however, there's speculation that the winner was executed there.

Anyway, somebody was executed after the game.


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