Friday, May 8, 2009

The Greatest Divas....

Maybe it is just because I've lived abroad for ten years, but I think many of the greatest divas are not American.

Sophia Loren, Italy

Anita Ekberg, Sweden

Hildegard Knef, Germany (also an amazing singer. Check out the video.)

Isabelle Huppert, France (My daughter has Isabelle as a middle name in her honor.)

Helen Mirren, England

In compiling this list, I've realized I like my divas sexy and a bit naughty (except maybe Knef, but her voice is amazing, and Mirren, who is one of the best actresses alive. And in that picture she is definitely being of a sex-pot bad girl.) I guess that's what I hope myself to be, or it is at least my alter ego. To prove this, here is yet another self-portrait, taken from my now def
ective camera. May she rest in peace....

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