Sunday, May 24, 2009

Under Construction

Berlin has, and will always be under construction. I love this about the city. As gentrification slowly spreads its web across my neighborhood, more and more of the houses are resurfaced and repainted. Sometimes this is good, but often you have a feeling they just do a careless, rushed job so they can raise the rent due to "improvements". I also like a lot of the old buildings, with the crumbling gray facades and bullet holes still puckering their plaster....

A few weeks ago I ran across these two buildings on Bl├╝cherstrasse. Identical when built, one has since been saniert (renovated) while the other is run-down. I hope they never do anything to change this. The contrast is truly amazing and truly Berlin.

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Camille said...

That seems to be a process that started back in the 8-tees when I lived in Berlin.
Kreuzberg was pretty much run down back in those days but more and more houses got a face lift.

Maybe this is their 20 year paint job?


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