Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Miracle of Saturday

Today something happened that has truly never happened before: All three of my darlings fell asleep at the same time in bed. It's a miracle! Of course, it only lasted about ten minutes, but long enough to take these pictures.

I also took a few self-portraits of me with my new haircut, though I have to say self-portraits aren't as much fun with a larger camera. Oh woe is me....Will I have to give up my passion two decades long? Time will tell.


JanetS said...

Miracles still do happen! Such cute pics and your place looks so nice!

Schaufensterbabe said...

Thanks Janet! I love our apartment and it is so cheap. It's in a great neighborhood and costs only a little bit more than Renee's room in the city, but it has three bedrooms and a large living room. Berlin 4-ever!


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