Thursday, March 26, 2009

33 Is Such A Wonderful Number

Thirty-three is such a wonderful number. 33 is they age Jesus was when he rose from the dead and how old Buddha was when he became enlightened. I heard that stastic years ago when my sister's boyfriend celebrated his 33rd birthday. At the time I was still in my early 20s and 33 sounded absolutely ancient. Now I'm 35 so I've already passed the marker....

Anyway, this post isn't about my age or Buddha's: In my jewelry shop Rose, red Rose I posted the 33rd item a few days ago. To celebrate I am having the 3 x 3 x3 sale. 3 items on sale for 3 days 3 weeks long. The items and price reductions I will choose on a lark, so stayed tuned! (I thought of reducing everything by 3 dollars, but decided this would be taking the theme too far....) They will be presented in the three pictures down below.

Hopefully this will change another number 3, namely, the number of sales I've had since I opened in February. ;)

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