Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's only a paper mood....

So there's this really gorgeous art supply store a few blocks from where I live called Modulor. The staff is snooty and artsy fartsy and their prices are a little on the high side but, dammit, the place is so inspiring. Gorgeous paper as far as the eye can see, wood grain sheets so miraculously thin, objects made of colorful, beautifully dyed felt....

I've been buying supplies there for a while but
have recently been inspired by their beautiful card stock cards. Why not mount some of my stitched photographs instead of just backing them with felt? Mounted on card stock brings a) color and b)versatility (they can be framed, set up on a bookshelf or even be merely used as a card...)

Yesterday afternoon Jasper watched the kids for an
hour while I went and lost myself in Modulor's lovely aisles. Besides the card stock I came for I also bought this exquisite retro style Japanese origami paper and blank Moleskine pocket journals. Last night I combined the two and then stitched a vintage color film advertisement to the cover. I love the end result, but the stitching was (quite literally)a pain. I never before knew it's possible to get a thumbache!

Anyway, here are some pictures of my latest endeavors. I'm sure there will plenty more to come! :)


mary jane said...

i love the tennis ladies!

kim* said...

i have to say i love the middle card th ebest :)

Schaufenster said...

Thanks! Glad you guys like them.


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