Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why isn't it my birthday everyday?

One of the greatest things about having a shop on etsy is that you get to see all the great things other people are making. Of course, the temptation to shop constantly is always there....I'm on a pretty limited monthly budget. The German government pays Elterngeld (parent money, literally translated)to one parent for the first year if they stay home with the child. The amount of the money you get is 67% of your former monthly income with a cap (I think...)of about 2500 Euros. The money is tax free and a gift as long as you don't work (if you still want to work part-time, then you pay taxes on it.) Rock on German government!

My husband and I decided to split the money into two years which means that the monthly amount I get is enough to cover some bills, health insurance and groceries but, besides a tiny bit of spending money, that's about it. The money I earn from any sales at my etsy shops pretty much goes directly back into my shops because I spend it on supplies and occasionally onadvertising. But there are also so many lovely things to be had in etsy land. Here are but a few:

Other people have already benefitted from my desire to press that final sale button. My sister got some lovely pear and ginger soap covered in gold leaf in the mail just yesterday, a gift I spontaneously decided to have her sent. The shipping price to Europe would have been a bit high, but the soapmaker had covered the soap in GOLD LEAF. The soap just had to be bought. Rock on, gold leaf soap covering soap maker!

Still, I really should get myself a little something soon. I've been a good girl, really, I have. And besides any buying I would do would be supporting fellow creative folk. Hmm...My birthday may only be on February 16th but, as Alice learns, it is my un-birthday 364 days a year. Maybe it's time to do a little celebrating.....

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