Monday, March 30, 2009

Five Photographs to Say Goodnight With

I know daylights saving only pushes the clocks forward an hour, but for some reason it has seriously kicked me in the ass. It is now 11:30 which means my body and mind still think it is 10:30. Mia and Lilly are in bed. Jasper is in bed (that's what happens when you are a night owl and you marry a morning person. Bless those crazy early risers!!) Usually this is my creative time when I busy myself with the various projects and ideas I am always coming up with (I of course have my faults, but being bored or at a loss for what to do simply isn't one of them!) But now I'm so tired in that jet lag kind of way, I guess because of the time change. I'm going to bed soon, but first I want to post five random photographs stored on my computer to say goodnight with. Here they are:

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